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Feedback from patient's families:

"Dr. Lindsay was absolutely amazing. Not only did she have a wealth of lactation knowledge, she has great bedside manner also. She was able to help me address my concerns and create a plan for my tongue tie preemie. We are so thankful she was able to help us grow in our breastfeeding journey."

 --mother of an unforgettable former preemie with tongue, lip, and cheek ties


"Dr. Lindsay was both my lactation consultant and did oral feeding with my twin boys. She was so patient and explained everything so clearly and concisely. This helped me become confident in what I was doing. I am truly grateful."

 --mother of a pair of feisty former preemies

"We absolutely loved Dr. Lindsay! She made us feel like family and always kept us involved in our daughter's therapy sessions!"

 --mother of a remarkable child with Batten's Disease

"Dr. Lindsay was amazingly supportive and knowledgeable. She led us every step of the way with our preemie daughter born at 29 weeks. She explained every step and what to expect."

 --mother of a very resilient former preemie 

"Lindsay was such a huge blessing to our family. Our twins were born at 30 weeks and as first time parents, we knew NOTHING about how to help them. Lindsay taught us what to do and what to look for but also forged a bond of friendship with us at the same time. She is incredibly knowledgeable and works to find the best way to communicate with you and your babies. We are so grateful for all Lindsay did for us and know that she was instrumental in getting to bring our girls home."

--mother of super sweet twin former preemies

"Dr. Lindsay was by our side from day 1 with our daughter in nicu who had a lot of unknown circumstances at the time. Even through the obstacles, she was able to diagnose and treat our sweet girl and never gave up hope. I will recommend Dr. Lindsay to anyone and everyone."

 --mother of a magical former preemie with 1p36 deletion

"She is amazing! Although our nicu stay wasn’t what I wished for my twins but - Lindsay was amazing! She knows what she is doing, great explanations, and she treats the patients like she would her own child! I love how she is passionate about helping you breast or bottle feed and how she makes you feel adequate no matter what you choose!"

--mother of a couple of incredible former preemies

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