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Dandelion is a great resource for your family if... and your baby have any of the following issues with breastfeeding/chestfeeding:

  • painful latch

  • slow/no weight gain

  • difficulty establishing or maintaining milk supply

  • tethered oral tissues (e.g., lip ties and/or tongue ties)

  • recovery from frenotomy 

Stressed mother breastfeeding her newborn baby while working from home feeling sick or hea

...any of the following behaviors are exhibited by your infant/toddler/young child:

  • coughing/choking/gagging/breathing issues during oral feeding

  • slow oral intake

  • distress or difficult behavior during mealtimes

  • poor weight gain

  • difficulty transitioning through a variety of food types

  • picky feeding

  • avoidant, restrictive feeding behaviors

Scoop of Ice Cream

...your infant/toddler/young child is showing difficulty with:

  • communicating wants and needs

  • following directions

  • putting words together

  • labeling items

  • producing sounds appropriately 

  • early literacy/reading skills

  • play skills 

  • social communication

Little girl looking up and speaking by cell phone,.jpg
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